What Does Covenant Mean?

Covenant has quite a few meanings that span across numerous contexts including religion, law and marriage. The overall meaning of the word is an agreement, alliance, or promise. In our context and variation, the Covenant means “a solemn promise to excel”

….At any venture, we choose to pursue.

The Founder

The name is Glenton Samuels, most in the interwebs know me by my moniker Chozen, although the name and the meaning of Covenant sound all grand and well thought out. The truth is; it didn’t have that meaning in the beginning, in fact, I got the name from my favorite video game, HALO. The covenant was a religious alliance of alien races in the Halo video game series, they were noble, strong, loyal and extremely powerful.

I thought they were cool so I named my company after them, didn’t think the name would have a deeper meaning in the years that followed. Maybe I did subconsciously and then it later materialized.

Either way, the Covenant is now the vehicle that is driving me to all my dreams and destinations in life.

What We Do

We do a variety of things, check out our web properties to see how it all comes together. We have numerous popular web and mobile properties in a different niches. We work with different brands and advertisers to connect them with our audience.

Would you like to talk business, you can reach us via the information below.

Atlanta, GA
United States
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